Early on

I was born in Glen Dale, WV and have remained here all my life. We live on the land that was my family’s homestead. My grandfather settled here from Austria. It is on this land that nature and all its wonder shaped my life and art.

My parents were into art and it was from them that I was exposed. Mom did leather tooling works and dad loved making mosaics of all types. Their descendants from England and Austria were artisans. So, I have created art all my years. In 1995 I turned to my lifelong love of playing in mud.

My inspiration

I create my work using many ways with clay. Whatever style is conducive to the results and feelings of the piece. I hand build and throw on the wheel. The methods of firing also play into the desired results. I rely on feelings, nature, and my life as inspiration for my pieces.

The ceramic works I create are primarily decorative objects. Whether made as container type vessels or wall pieces. They all have a common thread, nature, and archaeology. My love of both inspires the works. I primarily use primitive firings, saggar, raku, pit, and wood. All of which are ancient ways of treating clay objects. The theme of trees and plants emerging from the earth are seen in the work. Further strengthened using old wood and tree fungi as handles. Plant materials are used in my glaze as added colorants along with local clays. With the addition of some locally made cut nails and old wire on the vessel rims represents trees and plants reaching from earth to the sky.