Echo Valley Pottery
Betsy Cox, Artist
About the Artist

Manipulate:       to make, bend, push, mold, shape, change, and create.

        Mud :                 muck, mire, dirt, mud, clay


          My love of the earth and clay started as a child growing up in the country. I was always in the mud, playing with mud, and covered with mud. Well things have not changed much. I still do all the above, but with a little change. The things I make out of that mud are different. I use clay to create pieces of that are functional, decorative, sculptural, whimsical, or just hang around. I use a variety of methods to make these works depending on the effect I want. I like varied surfaces, and unexpected accidents using flame and nature itself to help me achieve these things.  My methods of firing are electric, gas, raku, pit-firing, saggar – firing, and a wood fired kiln. Each method has a very different way of marking the clay. I form these on the wheel, sculpt, hand build and mold. I also make prints using clay to print instead of ink. So this is how I “Manipulate Mud “.

Hopefully you enjoy the pieces as much as I did in their creation.




                  Betsy Cox